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Context and problems

Before the open hardware proccess are being done, we first held a pre-boothcamp proccess which involves our project researchers and facilitators. The goals of the event are basically to do a simulation and formulating the best format of workshop that we will do on the boothcamp event. These process are also being done to understands more about issues that we have selected to become themes from this year Transformaking, especially in the local level (Jogjakarta). The themes are:

- Energy - Food and Agriculture - Transportation - Education - Aerospace - Health - Communication - Disaster mitigation


The pre-boothcamp proccess consist on three main activity. The first two are; research and presenting the idea of prototype. The research done in two stages, those are field and literature research. The proccess of finding problems through research, lead to designing prototype that took part as a one of the proble solver. The idea and design the presented with the group and together we discuss its efectivity and possibility. Journals This journal contains notes from our pre-boothcamp activity, starting from research until making prototypes. For Almost four month of our research regarding the eight themes of Transformaking, we learn alot, mostly on how to work with the design thinking framework. Here's are journey:

A. Transportation and Energy

• Problems

On our first week of the pre-boothcamp process, we were discussing about the transportation and energy issue. On the second day we decided to take a small tour to some main and small street in jogja as a part of our field research regarding the issue. Some of the problems that we find especially on transportation and energy in Jogja are:


o Carbon pollution that affected from vehicles Jogja is a city of so many motorbikes, and unfortunately it affect most of it air health. At some places the carbon pollution that came out of it, had causing a very uncomfortable condition to the road users and people whom was doing many of their activity there.

o The lack of people’s awareness regarding to the parking spot In Jogja we rarely had a specialized land for parking area. Most of the areas that we use are roadsides, and off course on most of the time it could effect on the traffic. There’s some cases that even footway are being sacrificed as parking areas.

o Some concerns on traditional vehicle and traffic system that needs more updating in terms of its technology and application, such as: - Traditional sign system that usually used to give warning when there are often cause danger to the road users because of its placement that are usually on the road lane, and the appearance that is too small and many road users can’t see it - Special concerns on rickshaw driver in Jogja, because they often too tired and sleep on their rickshaw. It took us by concerns because of the situation on the rickshaw that are definitely uncomfortable for them to sleep on, and could also gave bad effect to their health

• Prototyping ideas

From some of this concern, we try to bring hardware ideas that we think can be solutions to all of this problems. Some of the ideas might sounds impossible, or we haven’t really figure out the technicality, but thats the idea of this process. We find problem, we discuss it, we imagine what can we do about it, and think of material solution on it, wether it is visible or not for us to work on it now. But the most important part of it is for our mind to get use to the idea that every problems had a material solution. So here are some of our ideas;

a. Eco Bus Stop

Many people are hesitant to travel by bus, some of it because it didn’t have an efficient route, but some also because of the inconvenient bus stop we had. The bus stop here a more likely just some kind of cube, with a counter, and even often it became a parking place for some motorbike. So we were thinking to design a more convenient bus stop, that functions not only as a bus stop but also work as a meeting place. With an expansion, eco-friendly building design, hydroponic plant and wifi facility, we were hoping that people are starting to use bus again and the bus stop became a friendlier place in the neighbourhood

b. CO2 transformer


The fact that Jogja had so many motorbike users, makes the place especially at city become overloaded with carbon emission, especially in places where there’s a lot of motor vehicle, such as crossroads. So we were thinking to make tools that could transform carbon emission into oxygen, that could also function as traffic light, completed with hydroponic plant and small solar panel that could energize the light itself.

c. Parking warning alarm


In order to overcome the rampant of illegal parking, one of us had an idea to put the parking warning alarm in places that are illegal for parking space. The tools works by motion sensors, that’s been set in certain timing. When a motor vehicle stop in front of it, the alarm will make a noise to warn the driver also people that it’s a no-parking area. It is also possible to put an RFID scanner that make possible for the police to know whose vehicle it is, and the data will go straight to the police record.

d. Compacted emission filter

Back with the carbon emission problems, sometimes many vehicles didn’t get a proper care in terms of its exhaust emissions. For this problems, some of us came out with the sollution to make a compact emmission filter that can be used and put at the tip of its muffler. And when its too dirty, the filter can be cleaned and reuse.

e. Rickshaw’s pedal accelerator with the 'super chair'


The peddling technique on nowadays rickshaw are divided in two; one is the manual technique, where the driver have to pedle its rickshaw with their own strength, and two is to convert the rickshaw into motorbike power a.k.a they put the motorbike on the back so they don’t have to peddle it with their own power. Off course the second type could bring more carbon emissions to the city, while the first one is usually still done by the older driver whom sometime had not enough power. To overcome that, we were thinking to put an accelerator to their bike, so it will be easier to peddle, and don’t cost too much of their energy. The first type could also use it to prevent more carbon waste.

The problems came from our sympathy to many rickshaw driver, that often seems to tired and they have to sleep on their rickshaw. The vehicle off course didn’t designed for sleep. So off course they won’t get proper sleep, moreover it can cause pain to their neck and back. So one of us came out with the idea of making the rickshaw chair into some kind of easy chair system, that can be adjusted into a more comfortable place to sleep on. We hope by having a decent rest, they could also gain more energy to do their cycling activity

B. Food and Health

In the second week of our pre-boothcamp session, we explore the food and health issue especially surrounding Jogja City. For these issues, we visit one of the Ramadhan market here. The market itself only opened on Ramadhan time, for the whole month, as a part of celebration on fasting month. There are ussually plenty of traditional food, snack and beverages being sold there. So from our field research, followed by some literature research, we found some of problems regarding the food and health issue in Jogja

o The food hygiene. The marketplace was built in an outdoor area, not far from one of the city’s main road. Eventhough it is located in the alleyway, but the possibility of the food being infected by the bad pollutant are still high. Moreover the ussual habit from the vendor that are ussually serving their food with bare hands, with no self-awareness on their own hygiene. The method on how they wash the dishes are also one concern, most of the vendor wash their dishes (that they will use it again to serve foods) by only soak it in one bucket together.

o The other issue regarding with food, also still correspond with the hygiene issue, is how the food are being presented. Some food are already being made at each house before they sold it to the costumer. Since the vendor place and facilitation are usually limited (they only had some tables and chair to display the food), so they didn’t have a propper tools to pre-heat the food. Resulting the food are being served cold.

o There are also some concern about how much waste are being produced by leftovers from fruits. Indonesia especially Jogja are famous for it tropical fruit, and sometimes it could be over-capacity for the consumer, and many are just going to waste, despite the condition that are still good. Eventhough it does no harm to the environtment, but we were thinking why if we can maximixe its use.

• Prototyping Ideas

After listing some problems we found especially based on our field trip, together with the whole team, we were then trying to brainstorm some prototyping ideas, that we think can be useful to solve some of the problems.

a. UV Hand and Food utensils sterilizer

Based from our concern about the food’s hygiene, we made a design of the futuristic hand washing system which is using Ultraviolet light. This sanitizer device using UVC Kills 99.9% of viruses that cause colds and flu Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, combined with the water spray and dryer tool, not only use to sanitize the hand but also plate, spoon or knive or any tools we use to eat. So you basically put your hand in the scanner (or your eating utensils), and wait until the UV sanitize them. While then you can see the progress by a small monitor put on top of it. After the cleaning is done there will be a sanitizer liquid are sprayed, to make sure that your hands are clean and save to touch food.

b. Bicycle Heater

On the concern on how some foods are likely have to served cold, regarding the lack of food heating tools, we were also thinking to make an affordable and eficient food heater. We were thinking to make a heater out of the energy from bike strokes. The idea are specifically for mobile food vendor using bicycle. The motion from peddling bicycle, gave heat energy to heat food, so that food are constantly warm when being served.

c. Fruit fermentor

In terms of our concern about the overflowing fruit supply, we have an idea to make them as a fermentation beverages product. The idea was to make a simple fermenting tools. This fruit fermentor make the home - brewery making possible to everyone. just as simple as making juice from your favourite fruit, add some sugar, water and yeast, make a good mixture and be patient to gather the result from its tap. Stainless steel container can be a good option because I can put the heater or boiler in order to pasteurize the mixture and can be all in one fermentation process, no need extra pan, stove, boiler,etc. Other option is plastic container or ceramic. This hardware are included manual book and digital timer to notice when you start the fermentation, when you have to open and stir it and when the fermentation should end. optional tools to add can be an thermometer, density meter and Ph meter.