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The project consist on two main activity, the first one is the the pre-bootcamp session, which happen from June to August 2015, and the second one is the main bootcamp that happens from September 1 until 11 2015. The pre-Bootcamp Yogya was made for the facilitator and researcher guided by our project investigator and project counsultant. It is one of the ways to prepare their mindset and craftmanship on open hardware project. Later on they will responsible on assisting the bootcamp participants on the process of formulating problems and designing hardware. The main bootcamp will gather some participants from Indonesia and other countries; they came from different background of expertise and discipline. Together they will be given some problems that happen especially in Jogja, in order to design and create a prototype tools as the solution for such problems. The bootcamp activity consist of the research whether it is field research or discussions, and making the prototype.

Bootcamp Yogya - Participants

The Yogya participants consist of many people from different countries and each come from different backgrounds. On our first boot camp that held in Indonesia, some of the participants came from Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia and off course Indonesia. (this section will be updated as soon as we have every participants confirmation along with their short bio)

Right now we are running the boot camp project in Yogyakarta Indonesia, along with the Transformaking event initiated by HONF Foundation. To know more about how's the project's activity and journal, go to their wiki page: Boot Camp Indonesia

Bootcamp Yogya - Daily Experience

Yogya Day 1

Yogya Day 2

Yogya Day 3

Yogya Day 4

Yogya Day 5

Yogya Day 6

Yogya Day 7

Yogya Day 8

Yogya Day 9

Yogya Day 10

Kah Wei's Reflection on the Bootcamp Process


  1. Webcam Microscope
  2. Magnetic Stirrer


Demo Session at ifi-lip

Lab Setup for OSHW Bootcamps

Let's put together some instruction on what materials, tools, infrastructures are needed to do upcoming Lab Setup for OSHW Bootcamps

Some inspirations can be drawn from earlier projects within the hackteria network:

  • Lab Making, by Urs Gaudenz, Sachiko Hirosue

Download here or here: [[File:LabMaking_HLab14book Sep10 [Pages 59 - 61].pdf]]

"Making a Laboratory is both a spontaneous activity and a slow labor of love."

  • How to start a DIWO art-sci bio lab

See hackteria wiki

Earlier projects in Yogya

Hacking Ankringan, Yogyakarta, 2012

See more