Yogya Day 9

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Day 09 (09 Sept 2015)



We came in and checked samples honfablab yesterday bacteria. Although not yet passed 24 hours but already visible differences in color, shape.


This dish sample without bacteria, we have created a media of several ingredients. First we cooked 30 minutes in pan 1 egg, potatoes 300 grams r and 600 ml of water. We then filtered and boiled it all in this liquide for 10 minutes with half a teaspoon of agar agar.




-Talgat 705-

as we put the samples behind the frigde for less than 24 hours assumed that there is good temperature for bacteria growth ( indicator of digital thermometer screen show 32°C during the day ) i can see something different beetwen the petri dish with sample and the one without sample (control). -ivan-

bacteria by Homemade media. We had 64 sample from upper, middle and lower of Code and Gajahwong river. Comparison with sample from tap water and human skin. The first we discover some change inside the tube. We seen some tissue like a cloud in some sample and we seen some dust floated on the face of liquid. We thank about the method to identify the different from many test tube. I seen the different of white dust on the face between location and media. I used the table to collected data and analyzed this table. I discover the interesting group of water from upper, middle and lower of Gajahwong river. The water from upper had a volume of bacteria less than middle and lower. The number higher related with distance from the upper.

Marc suggested me to identified the visibility of liquid. That mean I can identified the volume of bacteria from volume of tissue inside the tube. By used the spectrophotometer measure the different volume of light after past the sample. We collected a lot of data on table in Excel. And finally we generated it to been a graph and discover interesting information about the function of 2 river.


In architect's opinion different volume of bacteria from many location from different river mean the function of river to the city. How people did to the rive? When I seen Yogyakarta from large scale I discovered the relationship between mountain, river, city and agriculture area. Long time ago the upper area of Yogyakarta city been a forest and water supported area. Because the general of soil from vocano dust had a low potential to absorbed water and used a lot of area to collect water. But at this time they use this area to grow a sneak fruit The change the structure of environment. I detected some information about the flood problem in Yogyakarta. The government constructed the concreat dike to protect the city. After that the life style of community beside the river changed from they catching the fish, used water to take a bath, washed the coat to been take waste water to river and did to it like a trashcan of big city. So from analyzed data I discover the different function between Code and Gajahwong.

result anlysist

The context of Code river is it flow through the special region area such as palace governor office and tourist area. We measure the volume of bacteria from upper, middle and lower of this river appear it very close. That’s mean the water quality of Code did not change so mush.

But the volume from of bacteria from upper, middle and lower location of Gajahwong river higher by the distance from upper. That mean the water quality wane down when it flow through the city. I analyzed from large scale discover beside of Gajahwong have a lot of community and they take a lot of waste water to river more than Code.