Yogya Day 7

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Day 7 (07 Sept 2015)



                   It's been more than a week I hadn't been exercising since I left Nepal. Hermes and Cianan had started to go to the gym since few days. I and Sachet decided to join their gang. I got up at 7 in the morning although I didn't want to and got ready for the gym within few minutes. So, we are total of 4 members in our gym group. I sat on the back of Cianan's bike. Cianan has really developed his bike skills and confidence to carry someone on his bike after some days of practice. As usual, we have no idea where we are going. We just followed Hermes. After few minutes of ride we reached the gym. We paid 25000 Rupaiya per person as a gym charge for a day.
                   I had made rough plan of exercise in my head on the previous night. I did some stretching, cycling and push-ups as warm up. I then focused on my triceps. I started my exercise with triceps extensions with the machine followed by overhead triceps extensions with dumbbells, close grip chest press and finally ending my exercise with short crunches and calf exercises. We returned back to the hotel after 1 hour of continuous exercise, had some breakfast and headed to HONF.

Morning science discussion meeting

For this meeting, the group broke into pairs, where the partners are not in the same hypothesis group. Both members of the pair then had 10 minutes to explain the science from their experiment to their partner. The listening partner could ask questions, and the explaining partner was to write down things they had trouble explaining or would like to discuss in more depth today. -CBR

Dalam rapat yang dilakukan dari pagi sampai siang kami mendapatkan suatu gambaran dalam mengelompokkan, mengurai, dan mengetahui suatu bakteri dengan media struktur yang ditulis di stickii note dan di tempelkan ke kertas dinding. - Christanto Adi

Work strukture.jpg


Bacteria Cultivating

Hermes and lintang going to look for the materials and ingredients to grow the bacteria. started looking what is the most common bacteria that growth in the surrounding environtment, then i started to figure out what is E. Coli bacteria. How interesting when i heard that my stomach is one of good habitat for E.coli or Escherichia coli. then then my question is how this bacteria may affect on health.

First thing is to identify this type of bacteria. E. Coli is belong the group of Coliforms (rod-shaped member) living in aquatic environtment -ivan-

Recipe 1

Recipe 2

boiling 300 g of sliced potatoes and 1 raw egg in 500 mL distilled water for 30 minutes.

filter the solution through filter.

10 g of sugar and 10 g of agar-agar add to the solution, heat and stir for 10 minutes.

pour the media into five petri dishes.

Put dishes into refrigerator to let them cool and harden.


mencampur daging sapi dengan air

Mixing beef.jpg

pencampuran dilakukan oleh ping pong dengan memakai alat

- toples kaca

- sarung tangan

setelah proses pencampuran kemudian di masukkan ke dalam kulkas untuk di dinginkan selama 1 hari

- Christanto Adi-

Natural Indicator