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Day 1 (01 Sept 2015)

In the beginning of the day 1, participants of boothcamp gathered at fablab to give an introduction and to know each other. later on we decide where to go to give a small view of Yogyakarta. 20 people was divided into 3 groups which the group 1. went to Pasty ( Pasar hewan dan tanaman hias Yogyakarta) , Group 2 went to Bringharjo Market, Group 3 went to Code riverside.



River Band (Code River)

Code River is the one among many rivers that flow trough Yogyakarta city , its headwaters is in Merapi Volcano slope. Therefore, for those whose neighborhood is passed trough by code stream, the water really means something. In Sleman, people irrigate their rice farms using water from the river while in Bantul, they even drink the water.

Code River has also been used to channel the cold lava coming out from merapi eruption. To anticipate that as well as to avoid abration, the government of Yogyakarta built walls at the sides of the river. River are passed trough Yogyakarta City which is during the dry season contain less amount of water but during the rainy season could be dangerous.

I was on the Code River group with 3 other participants ( Kah-wei, ping-pong and Szu-ni ) observing along code river bank. we were started from Sayidan bridge then continued walking to the south. We found several interesting things during our observation. we meet a man who dug the river to gather stone and sand to build his own house. the materials from post merapi eruption causing the river got more shallow. While close to him the childens catching the tiny fishes called "cethul" to play. Then we had conversation with lady about river flooding on april brought a lot of garbages that blocked the water stream causing the water flood about one feet high passed over the river wall.

PASTY (Pasar Satwa & Tanaman Yogyakarta)

The trip to Pasty started off rough: the very first shop we looked at had many dead animals, and in one cage, there was a mouse eating the carcass of a dead mouse. For me, this tinged the whole trip and I was on the look-out for dead animals from there forward.

Most notable to me was the smell in the areas with bugs, birds, and cats, that the cages were often quite dirty and it seems many shop owners just spray the animals with water to bathe them and wash their cages, and that there did not appear to be separate food areas within the shops. I was concerned with human and animal health and the safety or contamination level of the run-off waters, which go straight into the sewers.


PASTY menjual banyak jenis tanaman dan hewan peliharaan seperti kucing, burung, ikan, anjing dan lainnya. Hari ini saya, Chris, Sochet, Cianán, Tay Zar dan Niko datang serta berkeliling untuk menemukan permasalahan yang terjadi. Saya dan Chris yang juga sebagai translater bahasa menjadi perantara mereka untuk bertanya kepada para penjual di PASTY. Salah satu permasalahan yang menarik bagi saya adalah pada saat kami bertanya kepada salah satu penjual hewan kelinci. Mereka menceritakan bahwa pernah mempunyai permasalahan pada air minum untuk hewan. Air minum hewan selama ini mengandalkan air keran dari PDAM. Akan tetapi mereka tidak tahu bahwa sewaktu-waktu air dapat diberi obat. Hal ini dapat mengakibatkan kelinci-kelinci tersebut mati. Adanya obat tersebut memang baik untuk manusia karena agar menjaga air tetap jernih. Namun keberadaan obat tersebut tidak baik untuk di konsumsi hewan.

PASTY sell lots of different kind of plants and pets, such as cats, birds, fishes, dogs and many others. Today, Chris, Sachet, Cianan, Tay Zar, Niko and myself, went there to find some issues they might heve. Chris and I also took part as translator between participants and seller at PASTY. One on the most interesting issue for me personally is arise when we ask one of the vendor who sell bunnies. They tell us some problems regarding waters for the animals, especially for drink. Right now, they are depend on water from PDAM (governmental water companies), the problem is, they can't tell if someday the water could contain some antibiotics or chemical substance. These substance could eventually kill the bunnies. The substance itself are put in order to keep the water clear, but unfortunately its existence are dangerous to be consumed by animals.

- Laurensius Windy

Di daerah dongkelan tepatnya di jalan Parangtritis terdapat sebuah pasar hewan dan di seberangnya terdapat pasar tanaman yang disebut PASTY. Pada hari ini saya, Windy, Cianán, Tay Zar, Sochet, dan Niko datang bersama untuk melakukan penelitian tentang tempat ini. Saya dan Windy menjadi perantara mereka dalam bertanya kepada penjual dan juga sebagai transleter. salah satu permasalahan yang menarik di sini adalan pada saat perjalanan di dalam pasar hewan ini kami menemukan kios yang menjual binatang hamster. Di sana terlihat sekumpulan hamster yang sudah mati dan masih hidup, pada saat mengamati salah satu sangkar terdapat hamster yang masih hidup memakan hamster yang sudah mati. Hal ini mengakibatkan hamster yang masih hidup terdapat bakteri pada tubuhnya. Dan di sangkar tersebut menjadi tercemar.

In the Dongkelan area, especially on Parangtritis street, there are this animal market, with also a plant market across it called PASTY. Today, Windy, Cianan, Tay Zar, Sochet, Niko and I, came there to do a research about the place. Windy and I became translators and mediators between participant and sellers. One of the most disturbing things we find is when we've went to the one of the stall sell hamster. We saw some dead hamster in a cage together with the living one. We find out that the living one ate the dead one, and became infectious with the bacteria that contained on the dead, and the whole cage are being infected.

- Christanto Adi

Beringharjo Market

this is the first day for me and the others meet together and doing thing together also.

beringharjo market is a most biggest traditional market in yogyakarta. in this place you can see all about a medium community working about, doing about, and anything. this place have 3 floor. the front area in the first floor you can see all about batik cloth. in the middle area you can see a half place of the cloth and the other is many kind of spice and the back side is the place of the meat, vegetables and spice. the second floor is the place of craft, cloth and little area of spice market. and the third floor is place for the second stuff. i love this place you can looking for everything in here.

-still small