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Let's put together some instruction on what materials, tools, infrastructures are needed to do upcoming OSHW Bootcamps.

Some inspirations can be drawn from earlier projects within the hackteria network:

  • Lab Making, by Urs Gaudenz, Sachiko Hirosue

Download here or here File:LabMaking_HLab14book.pdf

"Making a Laboratory is both a spontaneous activity and a slow labor of love."

A Lab is a place to labor, experiment, research and share - this could be anywhere. There is no labor, experiment, research nor sharing without the people. It is not a museum for journalists. A Lab is first the person and first+ the people. Start a Lab small in a box, suitcase, backpack, picnic basket and take it with you. A Mobile Lab allows you to go to people, and not wait for the others to come.

  • How to start a DIWO art-sci bio lab

See hackteria wiki

A slide show by dusjagr

  • Advanced Listology

Adapted from the book Plant Tissue culture


Basic Infrastructure

  • Electrical power
  • Water
  • Internet
  • Space

Stuff to have on stock beforehand

To be able to work with all the stuff get some simple household appliances and containers.


For example a balance will always help to measure certain quantities of materials, you might need one for larger weights such as a few grams to kilograms and o coffee machinene with a higher sensitivity to weigh small amounts such as a few miligramms.

Electric oven

An electric oven, like a simple toaster oven any other small device, is quite useful, check if you cant properly control temperature (between 50 - 250°C) and time, and not only the time.


Punps are great to transport liquids or change pressures. you can find both for liquids and air in any pet supply shop. You will also need various containers.

Bunsen Burner

tweezers, scalpels

sample containers, petri-dishes


sterilisator liquids

Stuff to source locally

Advanced wish-list

Links to other DIY Lab setups

From the Waag Do-It-Together biolab check their File:Waag wishlist.pdf

Using eBay to set up a molecular biology lab: costs less than $1000!

exerpts from the DIYbio maillist assembled on openWetWare

Instructable how to set up a home chemistry lab

makezine, setting up a home science lab part 1 part 2, part 3

From IndieBiotech aka Cathal Garvey not much on it, but a start.

more of Cathal's protocolls on github

Good Microbiological Practice


Involve local communities from early on.

Choreography and Flow of the Bootcamp