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How to Contribute to WIki OSHW

Basic: please find the wiki of OSHW project at

Create Account

You need to create account to contribute, make pages, edit pages or make comments. To do this, click on ‘Create Account’ link on right top corner of the wiki. You will need to decide your username, password and also your email information (++ filled the security question).

create account top right corner
fill the form to register

After you create account, an email confirmation will be sent to your inbox. Please click the link that provided on your inbox to confirm your email address, in order you to able to edit pages, or contribute to pages. Otherwise you are able to cancel by clicking the 2nd link that confirm you are not the one who registered. This email confirmation has expiry date.

follow the link to confirm or deconfirm

Starts to Contribute

You will need to read this user help in order to guide you to the following topics:

  1. Reading
  2. Editing ++ Advance Editing
  3. Personal Customization
  4. Wiki Administration

Read the User Help:Content

Thank You